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Aaliyah is on summer break from college on the phone with her soon to be ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see it coming. It is an unexpected call that seems to ruin her, but interestingly enough actually starts everything! Trying to get her mind off her current situation, she heads to New York where she ends up meeting Jess, the owner of The Pink Pussy, a novelty store. Jess is a woman. Aaliyah doesn’t like women…not in that way, but she is immediately intrigued. Is she intrigued because she is upset or is her curiosity getting the best of her?

Jess, although a little bit like a playboy, is likewise intrigued by Aaliyah and can’t get over her, the woman seemingly just beyond her grasp. It’s evident to those closest to her she is into Aaliyah, even when she sometimes tries to play it off. She’s a successful bachelorette with many wannabe potential mates, so why this female? It isn’t too hard for her to find female championship with so many women vying for her attention and willing to help subside her thoughts, but is it enough? Has she really fallen for a straight chick?

With so much temptation, only time will tell.

Tempted: Sex, Drama, and Indecision... Will Temptation Win?

Sex, Drama, and Indecision…

Will Temptation Win?

About Me

Ameehsal MindSpeaka is a poet, writer, and author of two collections of poetry Emotional Development and Love Symply. Starting her writing career as a child, she has been writing poetry and stories for decades.

All that she has learned over the years and the feedback she’s received from others, she has put into her highly anticipated first novel, Tempted. She has a story telling style that pulls you in and keeps you entangled in the world she creates until the last word. Through Tempted, she brings together and to life characters that are relatable, giving readers a sense of connection to them, either to root for them or hope for their demise.

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It's MindSpeaka Mondays, and although I do agree with my post on IG, I am feeling kind of down right now. It took a long time for me to get to this point with my first novel. So many times I was ready to just accept that I would never finish. Then those who I call...

F*ck Your Judgment

Okay, so this really has been bothering me for a little bit now. Granted, I am sure this has always happened, but social media has just made it crazy!Are you wondering what I am talking about? This insane idea that the opinions and thoughts of other are inaccurate if...

Thanks and Appreciation

I want to take a moment to thank all of those who have purchased my novel "Tempted", and even those who plan to, just as soon as their money is right. ;)This novel is a story I started nearly 10 years ago when I was in Iraq. Not sure if you have ever been there...

Tempted: Sex, Drama, and Indecision... Will Temptation Win?


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