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Headed in the Right Direction
Headed in the Right Direction

For the last week I have really been trying to step my game up with regards to my goals and promoting Tempted. I have gone to a number networking and learning events, as well as read more articles and watched more videos to improve my understanding. With all this...

Networking and Exhaustion

This week I have been participating in a lot of networking opportunities and a webinar to really take a round turn on marketing and promoting Tempted and Pierce Wright Press.Interestingly, though, everything I've read, heard, watched, etc., have reinforced each other....

mind the mic – Episode 7
mind the mic – Episode 7

Yeah! There was another mind the mic released just in time for Mother's Day this past Sunday. And guess who blessed the mic?ME!!! Albeit in animated form, I got to perform Sunrise, a poem dedicated to my mother who I lost when I was 17 years old. I really miss her,...

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