Tempted Teaser Trailer Complete

I feel really good right now! Yesterday I have accomplished something BIG! Well, big to me, anyway. It took quite a few hours to get it to a point where I like it, but I have finally completed my “teaser”… Continue Reading


For that last few hours I have been working on the teaser trailer for my novel coming out in April. In a minute I will post results! ~MindSpeaka by

First Steps

If you didn’t know, I’m married. My wife and I are trying our best to following our dreams and reach our goals. In the midst of it all, we are reading “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero together. Throughout,… Continue Reading

Maybe Tomorrow

So, I was coming to do my daily blog, but WordPress has changed it’s interface. With the day I had yesterday and this morning … this is killing my vibe. I had some ideas before bed last night I wanted… Continue Reading

Goals – Zero; Lazy – One

Another day in which I feel like I have not accomplished anything.  Well, anything with my personal goals; work was actually pretty productive.  I still have a lot that needs to be done, both personally and professionally, but I am… Continue Reading