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Okay, so this really has been bothering me for a little bit now. Granted, I am sure this has always happened, but social media has just made it crazy!

Are you wondering what I am talking about?

This insane idea that the opinions and thoughts of other are inaccurate if they go against your own thoughts and opinions. Who are we to be so judgmental of each other? To be on the outside looking in and tell someone your experience is wrong? Your journey is wrong? YOU are wrong?

So many people feel that they need to be so deeply in grained into what someone else does or say, that it is utterly ridiculous! WHO ARE YOU? What degree in he, she or me do you have to tell anyone they are wrong for their own PERSONAL opinions and thoughts?

NO ONE, that’s who. You are no one.

And the moment we all realize that, there will be no need to live “tolerating” anything, because to tolerate something is to put your nose in business that isn’t yours.

Bet that!


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