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I want to take a moment to thank all of those who have purchased my novel “Tempted”, and even those who plan to, just as soon as their money is right. 😉

This novel is a story I started nearly 10 years ago when I was in Iraq. Not sure if you have ever been there before, but it isn’t like there is a whole lot for you to do out there. Many times I went to work then to my little storage room and that was that. And I do me it was literally a storage room and I was really fortunate to have it all to myself instead of sharing a tent with several other females.

While I was there, I started drawing more, and writing more, and reading more. I mean, what else could I really do? After reading several other writers, like Skyy and Fiona Zedde (who happens to be my fave lesbian writer/author), I decided to go back to a passion of my from my childhood … writing stories. It was one of those things I couldn’t help but do.

So, that’s what I did. I didn’t know what would become of it, but the more I did it, the more excited I got about it. Before I knew it, I was 7 chapters into this story about a chica from New Jersey who had just had her heart broken and a chica from New York who believed in love, but maybe not for her.

I was enthralled with them! Even obsessed, often writing down notes and tidbits for where the story was going. And then something happened at work, derailing my whole process. My professional life was up in the air and my personal life was in shambles.

It would take nearly 8 years before I would ever finish a rough draft to what I had started. Then another 2 before I would ever actually publish it.

I mean, at that point, I told myself I couldn’t compete. I was no Skyy or Fiona Zedde, how could I ever be good enough? I feared others not liking it. My mind told me that the bottom would fall out of the ground beneath me if I ever put it out. I even had one friend who read and said it was okay, and that shook me. Made me even more afraid to put myself out there.

Luckily, had cheerleaders who pushed me to get out of my own way, and finally, I let go.

I know Tempted isn’t going to be for everyone; but it is for SOMEONE. Someone wants to read this story. Someone wants to know these characters. Someone wants to hear what happens.

And, here we are and here I am – 10 years in the making. So, thank you for supporting my struggle and my dream. I could never say it enough.

If you have already purchased and read the novel, I would be forever grateful if you took a moment and left a review on Amazon.

If you would you like to purchase a copy, click either in paperback and eBook format or go to my “Home” page to make a purchase.

Also, please join my Mailing List (subscribe is also to the right), which will allow you to receive the first two chapters of Tempted for free. Almost like a try before you buy situation. 😉

Thank you.


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