Maybe Tomorrow

So, I was coming to do my daily blog, but WordPress has changed it’s interface. With the day I had yesterday and this morning … this is killing my vibe. I had some ideas before bed last night I wanted… Continue Reading

Goals – Zero; Lazy – One

Another day in which I feel like I have not accomplished anything.  Well, anything with my personal goals; work was actually pretty productive.  I still have a lot that needs to be done, both personally and professionally, but I am… Continue Reading

Not So Productive Day

I really don’t have any pending thoughts today.  I went back to work, and that was the bulk of my day.  Lately I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about video editing, but today I was easily sucked… Continue Reading


I had this really great idea for a post today, but then my other half and I had a little spat or whatever, and now I can’t remember.   No worries.  On to the next.   So have decided that… Continue Reading

Making Videos

So, before I go into this post, I just realized something.  My post yesterday states it what December 24th … that’s not true.  Today is December 24th, which means, my profile is still on CST and I now live in… Continue Reading