she tells me she’s damaged
and my initial response is
so am I
often I have cried
because satan had sent spies into my life
and won the battle
I still fight the war
And maybe that is what brought me to your door
Because you and I need allies
As long as we are both willing to try
I realize
That’s asking a lot
But checkout this plot
Time and space bringing together the have nots
So that we could have
Each other
The thought might make you shudder
As the memories of yester year
Come back, haunting still
Making you weary of even your own heart
But that is a start
It means you are alive
And that we both can still try
And be each other’s alibi
To why
We really aren’t damaged
Just maybe a lil weathered
And I better that
Due to these discontented facts
You are more than you ever were before
The past challenges have made us into more
More aware
More in tune
More resistant
More immune
To the bullshyt that others try to pull
Stealing our souls to make their bellies full
But I know
Sometimes it’s hard to feel that flow
Accept that in order for us to grow
Just sometimes
We have to be hurt
Just to show OURSELVES our true worth
The Creator is just creative like that
You can’t do anything, but tip your hat
The bearing down is never greater than you
So you will always pull through
I know it is true
That’s why I wanna be your ally
Because I see you in my own eyes
See that greatness that’s locked deep inside
If only the right one came along worth that prize
And likewise
I am the same
Looking for my umbrella in the rain
Someone to understand the results of my shame
You know, be there to comfort me through my pain
So, if you are willing
So am I
If you allow me
I’ll wipe the tears you refuse to cry
I will walk with you and stay by your side
I will be your alibi
Photo Credit:  Alibi Bar & Lounge
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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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