Your form is orgasmic
To say the least
And every time I am able to partake in it
I am swept off my feet
My mind races as my eyes trace
The outline of your physique
I am getting weak
Just from that task alone
I so wanna hear you moan
And beg for me to both stop and please you
At the same time
Dammit you’re fine
Your frame would drive any man insane
It is hard to maintain
My composure
While I am in your presence
I have so many questions
And your essence is the answer
You are like the cure for cancer
The remedy found deep within your reservoir
I am soar –
Just thinking about it
Wanting to be an associate
Of your secret society
I want you to ride me
As I caress your build
Feeling your weight on me still
Once you express the quantity of your quality all over me
This has gotta be a dream
And it is
Because you are over there with your kids
Not even thinking about me
Or what we could be
You must have a man at home
But if I ever got you alone
I’d love to hear you lips escape groans
Show you things you have never known
Let me go before I say fck it


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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