a little time

She said…
“Don’t worry,
We’ll be fine
We just need a
A little time
Apart to think
Of what to do
To ensure that love
Remains true
This isn’t forever
I promise you that
Because without you
There’s no me, in fact
But with everything
That’s going on
It makes it hard
To stay strong
My focus is here
And my focus is there
When my focus should be you
So I don’t consider it fair
For me to keep you
While I figure it out
That’s not what love
Is all about
It’s about mutuality
It’s about partnership
It’s about building up
And being able to work through our shyt
But lately I’ve been groggy
Not able to hold up my end
So before we are completely over
Let’s start back over as friends
Then you can focus on you
And I can focus on me
And maybe just maybe
One day we can focus on we
Believe me when I say
My love for you is strong
But not strong enough to push
Beyond this towering wall
That I’ve built up around me
Because of what I’ve seen
Because of what I’ve witnessed
Because of what I believe
So if you agree
Then you must see
That this just is not the end
It’s the planting of seeds
Seeds that will cultivate
Seeds that will grow
Seeds that will produce
I promise time will show
That this little departure
Surely does not lead to ruins
It is only a little break
Think of it as our communion
It is the foundation
Of something even more
Something even greater
That this world has in store
For us
Trust me
Trust we
The results will be a stronger
More defined us
The subtraction of lust
And an addition of trust
Don’t worry
Because we will be fine
We just need a
A little time.”

All Rights Reserved.


Photo Credit:  Melissa Miller Young

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