This Morning

This morning
This morning I woke up and laid in my bed
yawned to myself
“dammit, i want some head”
I know,
that seems so left field
But let’s be honest
Who wouldn’t want that deal?
To feel the firm gripping of one’s thighs
the rolling of eyes
the escaping of sighs?
I am sorry, but definitely this here guy
To twist my hands in the naturalness of her hair
wrap my fingers tight
Riding her tongue from here to there
Arching at the igniting of the fire within
Spreading my legs wide as we unite once again
Running the gambit of emotions as I cum on her tongue
She catches every drop and announces
“That was round 1”
Taking slight precautions
I pull myself away
But she gives chase
Locking me where I lay
Nails digging in my skin
You know
that pleasurable pain
Before she dives right back in
And brings on the rain
Sliding her hands up my body
She takes possession of my chest
Blah blah blah
Use your imagination to picture the rest

… what happens when you get lazy in the middle of writing …


Phot Credit:  The L Word

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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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