What We Were

i miss what we were
no what we had
because what we were was what laid the foundation
made us ready to conquer any nation
through the vast depths of our imagination
we soared
never a bore to ourselves
endless talking about the common wealth
of the state of being
beyond the span of our hand
and knowing
that in movement we are steady going
forward into a solidified us
we once
grabbed dialogue from the commercials
dissected the obvious
and laughed
while onlookers peered our way
not understanding a word we would say
it was a language all our own
you were the essence of home
for me
and even when i could not see
you were the visionary
proposing the possibilities
if only opportunities grasped
no longer bound by the past
because we found our everlasting
with uncertain fortune
we forgot what we were
and focused on what we had
which wasn’t all bad
but it took away from what the lens naturally captured
yours and my effortless laughter
because we were in sync
together we were linked
not through what you got
or what you do
through what you feel
and i feel it too
what we had was confused
while what we were already knew
knew it wasn’t necessary to be like everyone else
we were just perfect by ourselves
in our own little world
in our own little bubble
undistracted by on goings around the sanctity
of that which we were
not caring about what we had
but realizing what we were’s worth
it’s like a curse
when you start dwelling on the latter
pulling you away from what really mattered
dropping the perfected puzzle with pieces shattered
“missing” what we were and instead missing what we had



Photo Credit:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/498632989966186384/

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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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