you are my disaster
the end of happily ever after
destroyer of joy and laughter
and you shouldn’t even matter
but you do
you matter because i once mattered to you
and unlike you
i cannot simply disguise
the tears in my eyes
that i’ve been deprived
and am lost
lost without you
who knows me better
knows how to calm stormy weather
puts me on high when we are together
like you
and so i feel screwed
since you have gone away
no matter how much i pray
forever and a day
nothing mends the broken
the misspoken
cannot be unheard
cannot pull back the words
or actions
fcked up attractions
that turned friends into strangers
always knew the danger
and yet
played with fire
walked across that wire
turned each other into liars
because we said forever
but forever has gone away
i wish i had stayed
i wish things could go back to the way
they were
that time machine still does not exist
and so i am stuck in this
perpetual spin
the greatest of my sin
a battle i’ll never win



Photo Credit:  PlayBuzz

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