I Forgive You

I forgive you
Despite you never asking for forgiveness
Because in your own self-interest
You don’t see a reason for it
As far as you know it
You didn’t do anything wrong
And the one who brought in the harm
Was I
You’d like to deny
That the dance of tango
works only with two
And you
were cool
to dance
but the moment the chance
led through a field of barbed wire
and unexploded mines
You decided to decline
Simply stating the martyr I shall not be
You see
this is after
the words of
you can always depend on me
I will never turn my back on thee
Whatever you bring, your comfort I’ll be
Or do you now disagree
That those were your words
No matter how many times I had heard
I believed you
and when my true colors showed through
So slowly
The front man disappeared
leaving the one in tears
who refused to be a martyr
you didn’t sign up for this
So you are going to have to dismiss
the hopes
the dreams
blissful prosperity
because you cannot see
the ease in it
you only meant it
as long as you didn’t have to cry sometimes
didn’t have to fight sometimes
didn’t have to swallow your pride
because that shyt’s hard
so rather than let down that final guard
you ran off and called it a scar
And I forgive you
for not being true
And expecting my words to be lies
expecting that you could be the reason why
without a persistent and consistent try
but I told you this was no easy task
and yet you promised that you would last
that together we’d overcome the past
that together we would be
because you love me
and I love you
but even if that is true
you have run off scared
while I stand here
forgiving you
Even though you don’t think there is anything to forgive



Photo Credit:  Quote Addicts

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