How is it that
When I am laying down
Ready to close my eyes
Ready to drift off on a lullaby
I’ve been waiting
Sometimes patiently
But mostly impatiently
For you to see
the possibilities
Beyond the mountains and trees currently standing in front of us
Trying to get you to adjust
Your view to wide screen
Broadening your focus
Wanting you to notice
The openness and freedom just over there
I imagine you are scared
Because who wouldn’t be
When all you have believed
Often runs clean off the canvass
And the master piece that was your everything
Ends up being your nothing at all
Who wouldn’t fall
Victim to the negative
That swoops in
And embraces you like an old friend
Warm again
So reluctant to begin
From the start
So tired of that part
Of the story
Just wanting to get to the glori-
The gold
The trophy
The prize
For the effort dedicated by
It’s the truth
Who wants to constantly have to prove
I’m worthy
To be in your story
To shoulder your worry
To dig you out when you become buried
With doubt
Makes you want to holler
Makes you want to shout
And even so
I am mostly impatiently
But so patiently
For you to see
All the possibilities
In the strengthening of we
As a unit
I am pursuing that
Regardless to the fact
That you are broken
And I am torn
You feel sedated
And I feel scorn
It’s normal to express these emotions
As long as the notion
Doesn’t sweep us away with the night
To a place where we cannot get right
But I am willing to fight
Being your awaiting bystander
Ready to intervene
Show you what I mean
And be your master piece
I will be that thief
Stealing away regret, doubt and hurt
Replacing it with joy, praise and worth
Because you are deserving
This is a bit unnerving
Telling you that despite what the past has shown
This right here is your home
And I will continue to stand here
Yet, most impatiently
For you to see
The possibilities
Beyond the mountains and trees.



Photo Credit:  Colour Box

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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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