I promise
You still have me hooked
The attachment can’t be shook
Because what you took
Has never been returned
And so I continue to yearn
For the part of me that equates
I knew
The moment actions persisted
Things would become twisted
And no longer would I be gifted
with a present
that includes…
Includes the dreams and hopes
The vision beyond anyone’s comprehensive scope
If not enveloped
A world that comprehends
the missed
I wish
Earlier the signs would have warned
That everything I took as the norm
Was being taken for granted
And that eventually slanted
eyes would open wide
and notice that
I deserve better
Not even taking a moment to weather
the better sitting in my face
the case
has been erased
with the only trace of it all
being the consequences of a wounded heart
distance never tore us apart
but this
this did
and I am so envious
of those who speak to you
without receiving the sonic boom
of rejection
those who are amongst the selection
of encounters you give attention to
I screwed
I didn’t need any help
Not this time
I blew my wealth
Lost that which made me rich
Was my stitch
Knew every inch
Of my mind
And tolerated…
no accepted me
as the being they see
or saw
I was
The twinkle in their eye
The cause of their high
Their reason why
But no more
And I sit here awaiting the cure
Is it time?
Is it someone else?
Is it…
Maybe it is my complete disappearance
An adherence to final words
“Don’t contact me anymore
It’s no longer you that I can adore
I’d rather abhor you
Because you stuttered in your selection
Back seated my affection
And ‘this’
This I can no longer do.”



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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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