Best Friend

In my next relationship
I should be her best friend
This now I understand
When she is feeling down
and like the chips just won’t fall in place
I should be the one she turns to
Not the one she chases
for affection
The dialogue should be that vastly wide open
that even when the words are not spoken
It’s understood
almost like having spidey senses
ears tingling
“hold on,
my Baby needs me”
type of radar and alarms going off
and you just stop
and be
for she
and for me
you see
I want that companionship
where even if
Janelle and Nikki know
So do you
Before either of those two
because my total confident
my heaven sent
is you
nothing needed to be proved
so whether up or down
whether cussing and fussing
the first person i run to is you
and that should be the same for you, too
that regardless to what Shawn or Chrissy hear
i’ll never have to fear
that it only comes back to me through the grapevine
or intense moments of too much wine
and we are having a disagreement
with words spewed
“i can’t even talk to you,
cause this is what you always do
where is the communication in that
my friends at least know how to have my back
but you
i can’t even talk to you”
and the words continue to spill
and deeper down the path we wonder still
in opposite directions
I want a real connection
that even when heated
there is no other in the world i want to solve my problems with
our problems with
does one not get
that’s the magic in the lasting
ask any that remain
and they will say the same
“this is my best friend
through thick and thin
no other do i want to deal
no other do i want to kill
she is who i trust
not just who i fck for lust”
how powerful we will be
when i find my she
Who wants the same
through ups and downs
joys and pain
there is nothing she won’t talk to me about
she’ll give me her worst
because she knows i will build her back up
and she’ll know that’s not enough
that she has to be willing
to deal with my feelings
pick up my pieces too
and glue them back together
we’ll weather it all
that’s what I pray the next time I fall
that she will be my best friend
and I will be hers
and together
together we’ll join forces
and conquer the world


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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