Feeling Nostalgic

Every time I see your face,
I am inspired to retrace,
the memories that once were our everyday occurrences
insurance that
forever laid at our fingertips
oh how i wish
yesterday had stayed
never going away
and breaking ground
into what we are now
a once upon a time memory
in theory
this is making hearts grow fonder
getting stronger everyday
until we are in each other’s presence
is it pathetic
that i still dream of you
and what we would do
on Sunday afternoons
after sleeping in
from passionate Saturday nights
fighting the light
by hiding under the covers
just to discover
that we were not finished with the night before
I’m not trying to bore you
that was never my intention
was wanting your attention
which seems to always be the case
wanting to erase the distance between
bring back our mean-
but you still mean it
and distance only hammers the nails in more securely
And although you cross my mind
Over a million times
I remain silent
As not to interrupt your thoughts
forcing my way in
yet again
because I am feeling nostalgic


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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