We’ve got to learn to
inhale deep
exhale the release
Perfection does not lie
within the drive
to hide
the past
It comes in
the midst
of vulnerable imperfections
with a selection
a connection
it’s erection
breaking us down
when we feel unbreakable
so fully capable
of succeeding
the trials
the tribulations
a revelation
that can sting
if we do not learn to
exhale release
inhale the deep
wounds that are invisible
no physical
that can be seen
through any other means
than the third eye
the cries
are shadowed
by the smiles
and laughter
that gathers on the lips
prior to kissing
the very thought
praying one will stay
as long as
the assorted
arrangements of
your honor, the plaintiff
did not mean it
what was done
when struck by pain
and blinded by
a desire
to bring misery some company
it’s funny
but no one seems happy
that’s exactly
why we have to learn to
inhale the deep
exhale the release
because the truth is
none of us are unscathed
we all have had parts to play
and been played
no one is unscarred
but we can overcome that part
and move forward
progress into a destiny
the best of me
the best of you
we can choose that
it’s not too late to act
on our truth
we can be uncouth
and not live up to
“their” expectations
be our own invocation
provoking our spirits
to protect and heal each other
I promise there is no other
But first
we have to learn to breath.


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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