whenever i cry
i get swollen eyes
begging to understand why
it hurts
am i not worth
so often heard the words before
i’m sorry
i didn’t mean it
it was a mistake
how much more can one take
under this pressure
pipes bursting at the seams
as the liquid streams
down my face
as is the case
leading to puffy eyes
that cannot stop cry
red and strained
filled with pain
and utter shame
to be here again
once again
caught in an unsuspecting down pour
making a mockery of restored
should I wait
for it all to subside
for the water to run dry
for the hurt to die
and I to become numb
It cannot be undone
It cannot be unsung
And the sting of it all forgotten
Because the tears have rotten
on my face
leaving their trace
in overcast view
red and swollen
wishing I had been chosen
But I was not

All Rights Reserved. 13May18 JPN (12May18 US)

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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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