Media’s Social

I control you
I mold you
Just sit back
And I’ll show you
Watch as I unfold you
Into a mindless drone
I own you

Because your relevance
depends on the evidence
I tell you is true

Whatever I ask, you do
Perfecting self degradation
via stimulation
of a comment
and a like
Anything that might
manipulate your projection
to get the general populace selection
of pretty

I’m witty
With my communication skills
If I say it, you will
Trade in absolutely fine
for what I tell you’s divine
and spend your last dime
every single time

I just got it like that
And as a matter of fact
Why don’t you take on this new challenge
Go ahead and get savage
Because the more outrageous you are
The bigger the star
The bigger the amount
Your dignity means nothing
It’s your popularity that counts

So do it
Screw it
What does anyone else know
If you consistently show
How much you don’t got
How pretty you’re not
How bout it you think you roll
How absolutely cold
and oblivious you are to madness’s method
As I control every second

Thinking you have a say when you don’t
Thinking you will, but you won’t
Break free of the hold I have
So entwined in my web, you are stuck in my grasp
A perpetual spin
A game you’ll never win
For there is no relative end
As long as I am around and have a say.


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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