Heard You Got a New Girl

Inspired by Stefflon Don’s Hurtin’ Me

I heard you got a new girl
I heard you got a new girlfriend
But it ain’t hurting
It ain’t hurting me
Trust and believe
If any ex
Is on to the next
They had the best
So nothing off my chest
No need to stress
Over the move on
No need to sing a song
Of pain
When I know I remain
Who I have always been
Some you just don’t win
Yet the loss is not mine
And in time
You’ll see that
You’ll wander back
Remembering the way my love was resistant
My love was persistent
The option of failure was none
So again
Even if not won
The truth is that my sun
Stays shinning
As I am minding
My own business
Your current love affairs
Are not for my stares
Or martyrdom
That is your personal problem
Why would I cry
Tears from my eyes
When my light still rises?
Seems silly to care
Knowing I am no act to follow
Everyone will seem hollow
Even a bit shallow
With no depth
Just a surface layer
That you will eventually penetrate
Plummet through the fake
Realizing too late
There is no comparison
So nothing off my chest
You had the best
And being to the next
You are still MY ex
And trust and believe
The fact of you having a new girlfriend
Would never hurt me.


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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