Did you know?
That I really wanted us to grow
The green grass for us to mow
But you think actions didn’t show
And now instead of friends we are foes
Because you didn’t know

That your own pride shielded your eyes
Filling your subconscious mind
With lies
About you and I
Calling me as you cried
So I could hear the pain in your heart
Because my words tore apart
The imagery you had of perfection
An exception
To cloud all my flaws
And the growth I still needed
In order to succeed
Past the scorn and pain
The lesson not yet gained
Still trekking the same
We laughed
Pretending not to fear the future
But I did
Who was I to kid
As you wept
I knew
You didn’t see me
Or what I could be
If allowed the space to grow
It only showed
That you didn’t know
My heart
That I was a broken piece of art
Needing someone willing to start
From the bottom
Building a foundation
Of communication
Redevelop our relations
Despite our own accusations
Be willing to put in work
Even when it hurts
Because that was what “we” were worth

And maybe we weren’t
You didn’t know
And now we stand as foes
Just too late to show
Grass too wilted to mow
We can no longer grow
Into our own
And know.


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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