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Yesterday I mentioned my goals from 2018 and how many I completed. Let’s recap those goals:

1. Complete Business Plan
2. Edit Novel
3. Hair Care Routine
4. Find Master’s Program
5. Incorporate Regular Fitness
6. Save $10,000

When I thought it over today, I completed 4 out of the 6, technically. Again, that’s an accomplishment I am really proud of. The other two that I didn’t do, well, one wasn’t a SMART goal and the other is gonna take a lot of effort from me to do. Knowing that much makes it easy to dismiss the fact that I didn’t make them happen.

Anyway, on to which ones I accomplished and which ones I did not:
1. I DID NOT complete a business plan, but I also didn’t know what that business would have been, so I don’t feel so bad.

2. I DID edit my novel, but I want to go over it one more time before publication which is only a few months away (APRIL 16, 2019!!! Check out the trailer here!).

3. I DID maintain my hair care routine, and the growth in my hair shows it. Now that it’s a new a year, I plan to keep it up, despite how busy things are right now.

4. I DID find a Master’s Program; a few, actually. That said, I have decided to hold off on the Master’s to work on a few other personal goals. I’ll talk about those in a different post.

5. I DID NOT incorporate regular fitness into my schedule. That really sucks, too, because I gained weight the last few months. I want to, but I am a bit lazy. Maybe I can try something more my speed this year. We’ll see.

6. If you have been counting, then you already know that I DID save $10,000. I actually ended up saving over $13,000! That was ridiculously tough, but it definite success! Maybe at some point I’ll talk about what I did to do it, but know, it was sooooooooo not easy.

That’s it! ^_^


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