2019 Financial Planning/Budget

I am all about budgeting and building financial freedom. The other day I finally got a copy of the 2019 Financial Planning Worksheet. This worksheet has a bunch of built in pays that are applicable to my job, and it makes you really think about your monthly expenses, savings, and debts.

One of the best features, though, about this worksheet is that you don’t just take note of how you currently divvy out your money, but you can also put projected numbers in a separate column and compare. For someone who is getting ready to move, this is a great feature to project a budget for what our finances will look like when we move, compared to what they are now.

Although last night I started filling it out with some of the basics, tonight I finished it with as much information as possible. I even incorporated different expenses we pay annually, and broke them down into monthly bills to pay.

Right now, we are in excess of about $1,600; but once we move, that drops down to only about $300. Given nothing was missed, the current surplus can be saved and used for the move so we do not have to cut into our savings. The goal is to really start putting a dent into our mortgage.

Based on the budget as it stands, we should be able to dedicate an additional $500 a month to the principle (I’ll have to let you know how that works out). In the meantime, though, the foundation for our 2019 budget has been set!

If you are in the military and interested in getting your hands on the latest Financial Planning Worksheet, sign up for my mailing list and then send me an email. If you do both, I’ll be sure to hook you up!


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