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Today was an extremely lazy day for me. That said, I was still able to be productive. My wife and I are currently in the midst of reading two books, Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Chris book is GREAT if you want to start a side hustle but not sure how to go about it; and Jen’s book is great for motivating you to be a better you. The books are fairly easy reads, so definitely check them out.

In reading today, some ideas I was having last night to help with the branding and marketing aspect of the release of Tempted have been validated. One of those ideas was to start having a day every week when I read/recite a snippet of a poem, a story or whatever my heart is desiring at that point. The year has already started and this is the end of the official first week, but I think I want to make that happen starting this week. Granted, with this pending move, I am thoroughly stressed and busy, I think this is quite feasible.

Also, I realize that some things I said I was going to do I haven’t already in preparation for the little requirements building up to this release, like starting a separate bank account to better track spending and profits. I want to also accomplish that this week so I can go ahead and purchase the ISBNs. These are things I was supposed to do months ago, but I still have time as long as I do them now. Wish me a blessing!!!


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