Mind the Mic

A good friend of mine started a YouTube series on her channel titled, “mind the mic”. The series is an animated open mic show that happens once a month. From her channel, Kandi Huggins, she informs:

mind the mic is the animated open mic/performance series for don’t mind my mind. The monthly show was created to be an avenue that allows performers and artists a platform of expression – regardless of where they are in the world, what their art is, if they are outspoken or shy…the only thing that matters is getting out what’s inside.

all work is original to the performer/artist featured

It’s a really dope concept and platform, I was able to be apart of the February show! Check it out:

Kandi Huggins
Published on Feb 18, 2019
mind the mic, Episode 4: This month’s episode features works performed in honor of it being Black History Month. No Se’ returns for another appearance and we welcomed newcomer, Ameehsal MindSpeaka, to the stage.

Feel free to check out the other episodes on her channel and subscribe.


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Ameehsal MindSpeaka

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