Goal: Financial Planning Certification

One of my goals this year is to start working on my Financial Planning certification. The last week or so I have been looking over Certified Financial Planner programs and have reached out to a few for information.

The one that piques my interest is The College for Financial Planning. After talking to enrollment about my plans, the information and encouragement I received seem more than feasible. I want to complete this certification prior to retiring, that way I can also use my time in to help cover the hours required to take the exam.

Looking at some of the classes I have to take, it definitely will not be all smooth sailing. Off top, Investment and Income Tax will likely give me a run for my money. That said, achieving this goal will lay the foundation for other long-term goals I have.

I wish I could have done some of this sooner, but you know what, I am doing it now. 😉


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