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I know I’ve been MIA, but there is great reason! On Monday we officially moved and that alone was quite the tasking. Our day started at roughly 0600 and did not end until roughly at midnight. During that time we had to clean up last minute things, I had to go to work to officially checkout, we had to pack the car, drop off equipment, get the car weighed… all before leaving the area.

Once that was done, we had to take a 3-4 hour drive, drop the dogs off, and then check into the place we were staying. That following morning, I had a class. I promise you, the first 3 days of this class my sleep was completely off! It is no wonder I made it and was able to pass the first portion of my exam without issue.

All of that said, it will likely be touch and go until my wife and I make it to our final destination and have a home. It will continue to be crazy as I am still pushing Tempted for pre-order, send out invoices for those who pre-ordered paperbacks, and continuing with my marketing plan.

Speaking of marketing plan, time to release Aaliyah’s Trailer!!! ^_^


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