My Goals for 2019

First let me say, I did complete the main item I brought home from work yesterday, so thank-you for your patience! ^_^ Any who, since I did the whole “Year End Review” thing, I figured it would only be fitting… Continue Reading

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Today I wanted to continue my dialogue regarding my goals with posting my goals for this year. Unfortunately, I had to bring home work tonight, and am still in the midst of it. For that reason alone, this will be… Continue Reading

2018 Year End Goal Review Pt2

Yesterday I mentioned my goals from 2018 and how many I completed. Let’s recap those goals: 1. Complete Business Plan2. Edit Novel3. Hair Care Routine4. Find Master’s Program5. Incorporate Regular Fitness6. Save $10,000 When I thought it over today, I… Continue Reading

2018 Year End Goal Review

So it’s the new year, and just like the 25th, it was quite uneventful for me. I didn’t have work and was able to sleep in later, which I can never seem to do on my days off. Between my… Continue Reading

Tempted Teaser Trailer Complete

I feel really good right now! Yesterday I have accomplished something BIG! Well, big to me, anyway. It took quite a few hours to get it to a point where I like it, but I have finally completed my “teaser”… Continue Reading