5 Ways of Getting Your Brand Together


This journey to finally finish this novel has opened my eyes to sooooooo much information!  The web is way more comprehensive than it was when I first started my interface with it.  You can find EVERYTHING on it – good and bad.


Including what the world wide web has to offer up about you.


I Googled myself today, Ameehsal MindSpeaka, and thankfully there wasn’t too much bad showing up.  A lot of it was my social media and books (YUP! I have two books already published.), but nothing I need to take drastic action against.


Even so, got me thinking about what everyone is thinking I am and how I am perceived.  People, I am thinking about my Personal Brand – what am I projecting and how do I improve it.  I Googled that, too, and because I’m not stingy, I am going to share my research with my own understanding.


Behold, Branding “U”:


5.  DEFINE & BECOME.  Before you can even project yourself, you need to know who that self is.  What is unmistakably core to who you are?  Would others say the same?  Identifying your strengths, passion and uniqueness will give the foundation to your brand.


4.  POSITION.  Your foundation is just the beginning.  To truly benefit from it, you have to figure out your niche and checkout the competition.  Where is the hole?  Find it and exploit it for the opportunities to set yourself apart.


3.  TAKE ACTION.  Having all this knowledge of self and who your audience is, is NOTHING without follow-through, so take action.  Develop your plan of attack and execute it.  It’s go-time, so stay ambitious, no matter the risk.  Impossible does not exist – if you don’t want it to.


2.  PRESENCE.  In taking action, be so impatient that you refuse to wait for someone else to notice you.  Can you say who you are in 1-2 sentences?  If you said “yes”, go communicate that to the world!  The web has made it too easy for you not to make your stamp.  Optimize the positive, bury the negative and above all else be CLEAR and VISIBLE about what your brand is.  Never sugar coat your excellence.


1.  NETWORK.  When it is all said and done, even the best branding cannot stand up alone.  Remain engaged with the community and your audience.  Build relationships and nurture them.  Never stop getting advice, educating yourself, researching and developing your brand to stay ahead of the game and reach your target audience.  Welcome feedback and adjust accordingly.  And always, ALWAYS help others.  Be a blessing when you are being blessed.


And that’s it!  If you’ve made it this far, I invite you to leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you!


Okay, I have a novel to finish.  Stay Blessed!




Photo credit:  Tony Enterprises

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