Keys to Success – Process and Action

I want to be successful, but who doesn’t, right? The thing about it is that, what is measured as being “successful”¬†differs from one person to the next. Even so, I still looked it up and have found that there are… Continue Reading

My Untitled Novel

I know I have mentioned¬†the novel I have been working on for several years a few times and figured I should actually tell you all about it. It’s my version of the Great American Novel! Emphasis on “my“. I do… Continue Reading

7 Writing Basics for Your Toolkit

This writing thing can almost be like a second job. I have found that sometimes words and ideas don’t always flow as I would like them to when I would like them to. In the hopes of keeping myself engaged,… Continue Reading

#DearMe YouTube Challenge

So, one evening I was getting on YouTube to look for a video and saw the ad for “#DearMe – What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?” I didn’t think much of it. Gave it a twirl in my… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

A topic I have come across a few times now in my research on marketing ideas is that of blogging. Just about all the major websites have blogs that are available to the public and there is a blog for… Continue Reading