#DearMe YouTube Challenge

youngermeSo, one evening I was getting on YouTube to look for a video and saw the ad for “#DearMe – What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?” I didn’t think much of it. Gave it a twirl in my head for a second, and then I let it go.


A few nights ago, the question came back and I realized there are several things I would not only tell younger me, but all the “younger me’s” that are out there right now. In honor of all who have openly or internally (like me) struggled in their youth, this is to YOU!


15 Things I Would Tell Younger Me

1. You can break the glass ceiling
2. Take to heart that everyone’s NOT your friend
3. Never ever say never
4. It’s okay that you feel down now, but you can and will get back up
5. Naysayers are usually just jealous wannabes
6. It’s okay to cry, but do not cry forever
7. Take as long as you need, just never stop moving forward
8. Falling out of love is not the end of the world
9. Trials and tribulations do really make you stronger…
10. …And they also make a damn good story
11. Whether you like it or not, you are an example
12. It’s okay to not be popular
13. Just because they said you did it doesn’t mean now you should – even if it was true before
14. You control you
15. You are awesome, you are a conqueror, and the world needs you.


What would you tell “younger you?” Leave a comment and share! Would love to hear from you!





Photo Credit:  DDB limelight

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