Keys to Success – Process and Action

keys2successI want to be successful, but who doesn’t, right? The thing about it is that, what is measured as being “successful” differs from one person to the next. Even so, I still looked it up and have found that there are a lot of different qualities and techniques that are general enough that no matter what your definition is, you can use them.


Taking a lot of what I read. I have broken them down into my ‘Ions to Success.


1. Manifestation. This is clearly embodying what you consider success. You want to imagine it, define it, know the purpose of it, and be motivated about it. It does not matter what you conclude, without first manifesting it and claiming it, you will be unable to move forward toward acquiring it. Success generally does not just fall in your lap, but if you do not know what it looks like to you, how would you even know if it did? This is the foundation to success.


2. Conviction. Once you have a picture of what success is to you, stand firm on it. Believe in yourself and what you want. Naysayers will be there, but use that as strength to prove them wrong. Be brave and step out of the shadow of excuses as to why not, into a determination of this is why. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim to negative thinking or not being able to see the big picture. Own that the responsibility to achieve success for yourself is yours, and as long as you know that, no one can deter you.


3. Organization. With a “no one can stop me attitude”, you want to lay out your plan of attack. This is crucial to your success, because this is where you create your roadmap. Set your goals and identify the steps to obtain those goals. Doing this makes it easier to execute and measure your progress. Ensure to prioritize and give yourself deadlines to stay on track. Having a game plan will help you remain on the path to success. If you fall off, you can return to where you left off with a bit more ease.


4. Action. The picture is clear as day, you are determined, and you have your plan in hand. Now it is time to take action! No more waiting and no more excuses. As stated in Manifestation, success does not generally fall into your lap. Majority of us will need to work toward it by actually making moves. Start now and get out of your comfort zone. This is not to say make risk decisions without thinking about it first. Get up early, be present, and avoid distractions. What you physically do plays a lot into your achievement of success.


5. Preservation. Set yourself up to keep your momentum. Sharpen the skills that need them, and recognize when it might be best to outsource to others. No one can make it on their own. Find a mentor to reach out to when you hit a roadblock and need guidance, or even motivation. Be open to growth because you do not know everything! Always continue to learn. Many of these I have mentioned in my previous blogs about branding yourself, finding your niche, and maintaining your motivation. Persistence is key. You must stay committed if you want to be successful. Failing is a part of the process, just be sure to fail forward, as John Maxwell would say. In other words, KEEP IT MOVING!


6. Reflection. As you journey down the path to success, take time to think about where you were, where you are and what you are doing. Be sure you are not letting fears and doubts hold you back from taking certain steps that are necessary to reach your goal. Remember to stay positive! Realize that success doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, and accept that sometimes things will be unfair. Also, don’t compare yourself to others! You have no idea what they had to endure to get there, and it might surprise you if you did. Your success is your success, and theirs is theirs. Remain humble and you will get there.


Notice how each word I have used ends with -ion. By definition, adding -ion to a noun indicates an action, process or state. These are meant to be exercised, not just read.


I’ve noticed that when I have incorporated the things I have read into my day-to-day and adhere to them, I am not only more productive, but my goals feel very much in reach.


Well, that about does it! I hope you have enjoyed and take heed to the information. If you have made it this far, please take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments section.





Phot Credit: Zimbra

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