Maintaining Motivation


I am currently working on this strip club scene in my novel.  One of my main characters is at a strip club trying to see someone, but the person doesn’t seem to be there at the moment.  This is the final scene planned for Chapter 15, and I have a deadline to finish it by Saturday!  Although I am struggling, I will finish it, even if I have to glue myself to the computer to do so!


But, off of that, for now.  This post is to say hello and let you know how the novel is coming along.  And you know, maybe steal some of your energy and convert it into motivation.  *smile*


As I said earlier, I am currently in the 15th chapter of my novel, with plans of completing 5-10 more chapters before it is ready for editing.  Some days I am in-love with the creative process and my characters just scream their actions to me.  Other days, I am looking in dark alleys for them and they are nowhere to be found.  Thus the life of an artist, and what us artists of the pen like to call “writer’s block.”  It has been my nemesis for the last 6 years!


Sheer determination and support from family and friends is what is going to make this novel happen.  I do not care, I’ve put too much into it to give up now!  Telling myself that got me from a sentence to over 90 typed pages of fiction.  And when that is formatted for print, it is almost double that!  That gets me excited!  And I am going to make this happen, because I was born for this!  It is my gift.


I want you to also remember that when it comes time to motivate yourself in the completion of your own goals.  The Greats (and I mean those who weren’t one hit wonders) didn’t get that way over night.  There were long hours and moments of self-doubt that almost derailed them.  BUT they persevered, and so shall we!


LET’S DO IT!!!!  Let’s pound the pavement and make it happen for ourselves.  I challenge you, and myself, to finish our goals no matter what!  And when that block tries to get in our way, I challenge us to apply pressure and make diamonds!


Thanks! I needed that pep-talk.  Now back to the strip club. ^_^




P.S. Leave a comment about what you are working on.  I’d love to cheer you on!


Photo Credit:  Career Intelligence


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